Précising: hamadryas baboon

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Writing as a female hamadryas baboon, write a letter to a Problem Page asking for advice about how to deal with the way you are treated by the leader of your harem. For an extra challenge, write the reply.
  • Write an information page that could be included in a magazine about wild animals. Include plenty of information about hamadryas baboons by doing some more research or watching more videos.
  • There are five species of baboons. They all live in Africa or Asia. They are classed as Old World Monkeys. Find out more about what makes baboons different from other monkeys.

Related Clip

Eyebrow raising and teeth chattering are just some of the ways that hamadryas baboons communicate their feelings.

Credit: BBC Two – Natural World