Précising: porcupine

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Write a set of instructions for an experienced leopard on how to catch a porcupine without getting spiked.
  • Read The Porcupine by Roald Dahl. Imagine that you had sat on a porcupine just like the boy in the poem. What were you doing prior to this painful event? How did you react when the quills spiked your bottom? How were they removed and by whom? Once you have answered these questions, have a go at writing your own rhyming couplet poem that details your unpleasant encounter with a porcupine.
  • Write a Kiplingesque Just So story that has the following title: How the Porcupine got its Spiny Skin.

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A closer look at the quill of a porcupine.

Credit: BBC Four – Secrets of Skin