Column addition: Lesson 2: bees

4 - Further Challenges

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Further Challenges

  • Honeycombs are made by honey bees. They contain lots of regular hexagons that are made from wax and are filled with honey, pollen and larvae. See how accurately you can use a ruler to draw part of a honeycomb.

  • How many times can you flap your arms in a minute? How does this compare to the amount of times a honey bee can flap its wings in a minute? If a bumblebee can flap its wings 200 times in a minute, how does this compare to the amount of times you can flap your arms?
  • Have a go at the fabulous Buzzy Bee problem on the NRICH website, which will give you the opportunity to identify and continue number patterns. You can extend this challenge by creating your own number pattern on a blank honeycomb.

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Honey bees defend their nest from a herd of elephants!

Credit: BBC Two – Natural World

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