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Column addition: Lesson 3: eagles

2 - Whiteboard Challenges

The Lesson

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In this exciting lesson, you will be need to solve a range of addition word problems that feature eagles. Try using PAWS to arrive at the right answer!

 =  Picture the problem in your mind.

=  Annotate the word problem by highlighting the important information.

W =  Write down the number sentence that needs to be solved.

S  =  Solve the number sentence using an efficient strategy.

Useful prior knowledge:

  • To confidently add 3-digit numbers together using counters in a place value chart and column addition (with one exchange).

Did you know?

Golden eagles are extremely fast and can reach a maximum air speed of 320 kilometres per hour – a speed similar to the top speed of a Formula One racing car!

Use PAWS, counters and column addition to solve the following word problem.

In the Scottish Highlands, Tilly (a golden eagle) was flying 154 metres above ground level. As she approached a mountain, she rose by 362 metres .

How far above the ground was Tilly now flying?