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Fractions of quantities: L3: bat volcano

2 - The Maths Bit

The Maths Bit!

In this exciting lesson, you will have an opportunity to show your understanding of halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and sixths, whilst solving a variety of bat-related fraction problems. You will also be learning more about bats and their incredible flying and hunting abilities.

Useful prior knowledge: 

  • To know what is meant by the numerator and the denominator in a unit fraction.
  • To be able to recognise a half (1/2), a third (1/3) a quarter 1/4), a fifth (1/5) and a sixth (1/6).
  • To be able to calculate unit fractions of small quantities (e.g. 1/2 of 8, 1/4 of 12 etc.)

Did you know?

Not all bats are nocturnal (meaning that they’re awake at night). However, those that are can find flying insects to eat (such as mosquitos) by letting out high-pitched sounds and listening to their echoes. This is called echolocation.

Whiteboard Challenges

Divide the bars and draw counters to solve the problems below.

Here is a drawing of some of the mosquitoes that were flying around outside the Bat Volcano.

1) In less than a minute, a young bat (pup) ate 1/4 of the mosquitoes shown in the picture.

How many mosquitoes did the pup eat?

2) 1/3 of the mosquitoes that are shown in the picture are male.

 How many mosquitoes are male?

3) 1/6 of the mosquitoes shown in the picture had fed on the blood of a bat.

 How many mosquitoes had fed on the blood of a bat?