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Fractions of quantities: L3: bat volcano

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Agree or disagree?

Jordan said, “There are 5 bats in the picture above with light brown fur. This means that 1/5 of the bats in the picture have light brown fur.”

Discuss with your talk partner if you agree or disagree with Jordan. 

Did you know?

Bats sleep (roost) upside down for a number of different reasons. One reason is that, unlike birds, they cannot take to the air from the ground as their wings don’t produce enough lift. They must climb to a high spot, let go and fall into flight.


Whiteboard Challenges

Divide the bars and draw counters to solve the problems below.

In one corner of a cave, 18 bats were roosting.

1) 1/3 of the bats in the cave corner were frugivore (fruit-eating) bats and the rest were insectivore (insect-eating) bats.

 How many insectivore bats were roosting in the cave corner?

2) During the night, 1/6 of the insectivore bats in the cave caught less than 5,000 insects and the rest caught more than 5,000 insects

 How many bats caught more than 5,000 insects?

3) 1/5 of the bats that caught more than 5,000 insects were captured the following evening by bat falcons.

How many bats were captured by bat falcons?