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Fractions of quantities: L3: bat volcano

4 - Further Challenges

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Further Challenges

  • In the main film clip, we learnt that over 3 million bats emerge from Bat Volcano every evening to feed. The photograph below shows a fraction of this amount flying through the air. Can you give a reasonable estimate for the number of bats in the photograph?

  • The word bat has three letters.1/3 of the letters are vowels and 2/3 of the letters are consonants. Can you think of some different bat-related words? For each word, record the fraction of vowels and consonants. What fraction of the word “echolocation” are vowels and what fraction are consonants?


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In Australia, a bat rescue team help fruit bats, who are suffering from heat exhaustion.

Credit: BBC – Cities: Nature’s New Wild