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Fractions of quantities: L1: unexpected guests

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Spot the Mistake!

When the herd of elephants reached the mango tree that was outside the lodge, the matriarch (the oldest and largest female) discovered 15 ripe mangoes left on the tree. The matriarch used her trunk to pluck 1/3 of the mangoes off the tree.

Chloe said, “There would be 5 mangoes left on the tree.”

Discuss the mistake Chloe made with your talk partner.

Did you know?

In the clip, the lodge also had baboons visiting. In the grasslands of Africa, Baboons live together in troops, enjoying each other’s company. They can often be seen wrestling and tickle-fighting!

Whiteboard Challenges

Divide the bars and use counters to solve the problems below.

After eating some mangoes, a small troop of 20 playful baboons found a bicycle with a yellow bucket outside the lodge!

1) 1/4 of the baboons were male.

How many female baboons were in this troop?

2) 5 baboons were sat inside the bicycle’s yellow bucket.

 What fraction of the total troop were sat inside the yellow bucket?

3) 1/4 of the baboons in the picture were more than 10 years old and the rest were less than 10 years old. 1/3 of the baboons that were less than 10 years old had scars on their body that were caused by predators.

 How many baboons had scars on their body?