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Multiplication (tables): 3x: three-toed animals

2 - Whiteboard Challenges

The Lesson

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In this exciting lesson, you will need to solve a range of multiplying-by-3 word problems that feature a variety of 3-toed animals. Try using PAWS to arrive at the right answer!

 =  Picture the problem in your mind.

=  Annotate the word problem by highlighting the important information.

W =  Write down the number sentence that needs to be solved.

S  =  Solve the number sentence using an efficient strategy.

Useful prior knowledge:

  • To confidently count in multiples of 3 using a variety of pictorial representations to assist.

Did you know?

Sloths are specially adapted to life among the treetops. A three-toed sloth, as its name would suggest, has three toes on each of its four feet. On each toe, it has a long curved claw that helps it effortlessly grasp branches and vines, and hang upside down comfortably while it eats and sleeps.

Use PAWS and the multiples-of-3 bar to solve the word problem.

Having swum across a river, Sammy the three-toed sloth finally found his mate, Sandra, hanging upside down on the branch of a tree. After a long climb, Sammy joined Sandra on the branch.

If both sloths used all of their long, curved claws to cling onto the branch, how many sloth claws were there in total wrapped around the branch?

Answer: ________________

A sloth called Steven joined Sammy and Sandra on their branch. Steven also used all of his long, curved claws to hang upside down.

How many sloth claws were wrapped around the branch now?

Answer: ________________