Multiplication (tables): 4x: quadrupeds

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Agree or disagree?

Mila said, “To find the number of legs that belong to 8 lions, you can simply find the number of legs that belong to four lions and then double this number.”

Is Mila right? Explain your answer to a partner.

Did you Know?

The fastest quadruped on the planet is the cheetah. It can also be found on the great plains of Africa. It uses its great speed to bring down prey animals, which can include wildebeest. The impressive acceleration and speed of a cheetah is mainly due to its huge leg muscles and long legs.

Use Paws and the multiples-of-4 bar to solve the word problem.

Despite running at a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour, a mother cheetah was unable to catch a wildebeest. She returned to her 6 hungry cubs without dinner. Exhausted, the mother and her cubs headed to a waterhole to drink and cool off. At the waterhole, they met three young male cheetahs.

How many cheetahs were at the waterhole?

How many cheetah legs would you be able to count at the waterhole?

Answer: ________________