Multiplication (tables): 8x: arachnids

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Agree or disagree?

Laurie said, “To find out the total number of legs belonging to five tarantulas, you can find the number of legs belonging to ten tarantulas and simply halve this number.”

Is Laurie right? Explain your answer with a partner. 

Did you know?

Scorpions have 8 legs, two strong pincers and a flexible tail with a venomous sting. They hunt smaller animals for food, crushing them with their claws or poisoning them with a sting. Their thick armour plating keeps them safe from most predators. Some scorpions glow in the dark!

Use Paws and the multiples-of-8 bar to solve the word problem.

‘Deadly 60’ presenter, Steve Backshall, used his ultra-violet torch to light up scorpions in the dark. In total, he found 3 scorpions beneath the bark of a palm tree, two scorpions on the roof of a hut and a further 3 scorpions on the forest floor.

If each scorpion had all eight legs, how many scorpion legs did Steve’s torch light up?

Answer: ____________