Pictograms: seed dispersal

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

  • We are learning how to present and interpret data in a pictogram.
  • We are learning how to solve 1 step and 2 step questions using information presented in a pictogram.

Context: seed dispersal


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Credit: BBC One - The Green Planet

Clip Description

For a seed to stand the best chance of growing into a new plant, it must travel as far away as possible from the plant it came from so that it is not competing for sunlight and nutrients. This movement is called seed dispersal. With most plants rooted to the ground, they must find clever ways to make sure their seeds are spread far and wide.

In this fascinating clip, Sir David Attenborough shows us how a poisonous plant disperses its seeds in a highly explosive way. The plant is called ecballium or the ‘squirting cucumber.’  How will Sir David help the ecballium seeds on their journey away from the parent plant? Watch the clip to find out.

Whiteboard Number Challenge

A squirting cucumber seed can travel a distance of six metres when fired from its pod!

How far is six metres? Can you walk or show this distance?

Around how many cucumbers long is six metres?