Pictograms: seed dispersal

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Spot the Mistake!

Rory created a tally chart from the sea bean pictogram shown opposite.

His tally chart looked like this:

Can you explain the mistake that Rory made to your talk partner?

Did you know?

Sea beans are large seeds that get washed up on beaches. Some sea beans travel across entire oceans in their woody seedpods. The pods and seeds are perfectly designed to float far away from the plants from which they fell.

Whiteboard Challenges

This pictogram shows the number of sea beans that were washed up on 5 different beaches in September 2021.

1) How many sea beans were washed up on Rockwater beach?

2) How many more sea beans were washed up on Pebbleton beach than Starcross beach?

3) Altogether, how many sea beans were washed up on all five beaches?