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Place Value: Lesson 1: camels

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Spot the Mistake!

The largest population of two-humped camels can be found in the Gobi Desert. There are around six hundred and fifty of these incredible camels in this desert.

Finlay said, “I can show this number by drawing base 10 blocks.”

Can you explain to your talk partner the mistake that Finlay made?

Did you know?

The Bactrian camel has two humps on its back. It can be found in the rocky deserts of Central and East Asia. It has a thick, shaggy coat to protect itself in the cold winter. This coat falls away as the seasons change and temperatures rise.

Whiteboard Challenges

Here are some number facts about Beryl, the Bactrian camel. They are represented by base 10 blocks.

1) What was Beryl’s height?

2) What was Beryl’s length?

  • Bactrian camels are used by nomadic people to carry heavy loads and for transportation.

3) What was the total mass of Beryl and her maximum carry load?