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Place Value: Lesson 1: camels

2 - Whiteboard Challenges

The Lesson

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In this exciting lesson, we will be reading, writing and representing numbers up to 1,000 in a variety of ways. At the same time, we will be finding out how camels measure up in terms of their size and mass, how far they can travel and the amount of water they can drink.

Useful prior knowledge:

  • To confidently read, write, represent, order and compare numbers up to 100 in a variety of ways (including counters in a place value chart and base 10 blocks).

The Arabian camel, also known as a dromedary, only has one hump. The hump is a store of fat that can be broken down into water and energy. It allows the camel to walk for over 160 kilometres through the desert wilderness without the need to drink.

Whiteboard Challenges

Here are some number facts about Marvin, the Arabian camel. They are represented by base 10 blocks and place value counters.

1) What was Marvin’s mass in kilograms?

2) How many litres of water can Marvin drink in a single sitting? (water consumption) 

3) How much longer was Marvin than his height?