Column addition 5: Wriggling Worms

The Maths Bit

The Number Bit!

In this exciting lesson, you will need to solve a range of addition word problems that feature earthworms. Try using PAWS to arrive at the right answer!

 =  Picture the problem in your mind.

=  Annotate the word problem by highlighting the important information.

W =  Write down the number sentence that needs to be solved.

S  =  Solve the number sentence using an efficient strategy.

Prior learning: 4-digit column addition with one exchange

Use PAWS and column addition to solve the following word problem.

During its lifetime, a badger that reached the age of fifteen consumed a staggering 98,367 ‘Lumbricus terrestris’ earthworms! It devoured a total of 12,359 earthworms in its second year and 13,682 earthworms in its third year.

How many earthworms did the badger eat over this two year period?


Did you know?

Many animals love feasting on juicy worms. Badgers will eat hundreds of worms in a single evening. Whilst there are actually many types of earthworm, badgers prefer one particular type of earthworm known as ‘Lumbricus terrestris.’