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Year 3: Plants (requirements for growth)

2 - Global Citizen

Clip 2 - The Importance of Plants

Plants, like the Venus fly-trap, are vital to life on Earth. One reason is that a plant provides oxygen through its leaves. Animals and humans need this oxygen to breathe. Another reason is that all creatures depend on plants for their food. (Plants are the first living thing in every food chain.) Quite simply, without plants, their would be no life on Earth.

In the fascinating clip below, we are introduced to another incredible plant species – the English oak. We discover how this species is important to the lives of creatures who depend on it for food, shelter and a safe place to breed.


Which animals do you think we will see in the clip?


As you are watching the clip, look out for any close-ups of English oak leaves. Can you make a quick sketch of an English oak leaf? (Pause the video at 00:55 seconds to make a comparison.)

Enquiring Mind Questions

1) How old is the oldest oak tree in the UK?

2) How many different species of animal depend on oak trees for their survival?

Do you have your own enquiring mind questions that relate to the clip?


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Credit: CBeebies - Our planet

Global Citizen

We have discovered that plants are both fascinating and vitally important to all life on Earth. Many, like the Venus fly-trap and the English oak, face an uncertain future due to climate change, pollution and other human factors.

Now study the Life On Land (SDG 15) poster below.

Use this poster to guide a discussion into the ways that we can all protect important plant species. Do you have your own top tips?

Natural Curriculum's Good News Story

School children in Plymouth have been helping plants and animals by sowing wildflower seeds in the grounds of their school. Once the seeds start to germinate and grow into adult plants, the flowers will attract insects such as bees and butterflies. Through pollination, these insects will in turn help more wildflower species to grow.

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