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Year 3: Plants (requirements for growth)

1 - The film clip

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  • To explore the requirements of plants for life and growth and how this can vary from plant to plant.

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  • To understand the importance of plant species to all living creatures and to identify ways that they can be protected.


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Credit: BBC One - Green planet

Clip 1 - Plant Nutrition

Just like an animal, a plant also needs food to grow. However, unlike an animal (who may hunt or gather) a plant must make its own food. It does so through a clever process that involves turning sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into sugar (glucose).

Although it isn’t¬†native to the UK, the Venus fly-trap plant is a popular house plant. It is an unusual plant because it gets additional food (nutrition) from trapping and eating insects. In this fascinating clip, we are shown exactly how a Venus fly-trap captures unfortunate invertebrates.

Discuss the meaning of each word highlighted in bold.


Before you watch the clip, can you make a prediction about the strategy that you think a Venus fly-trap plant has to avoid snapping shut on things with no nutritional value such as a raindrop?


As you are watching the clip, make a mental note of where the Venus fly-trap plants are being kept? Why might this be a good place for them to grow?

Enquiring Mind Questions

1) Why is the plant called a Venus fly-trap?

2) Does a Venus fly-trap spit out insects that it doesn’t like the taste of?

Do you have your own enquiring mind questions that relate to the clip?