Semi-colons: silver ants

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Having long legs and silver hairs that reflect sunlight are adaptations that enable silver ants to survive temperatures that other land creatures could not. Find out how other animals are able to survive in hot deserts like the Sahara Desert. Present your findings as an information report under the title – Desert Survival.
  • Watch the related clip below. Imagine that you are one of the silver ants that was responsible for dragging the dead fly back to the colony’s nest. Using ‘Show Not Tell’, write about this dangerous experience. Don’t forget to include the conversations that you had with your fellow carriers. Did you all make it back alive? What awaited you when you got back to the nest?

Related Clip

Silver ants race against the clock to bring a fly back to their nest.

Credit: BBC One – Africa